Our Product Features

Botco.ai helps businesses of all sizes efficiently answer customer’s questions and simplify the buying process with little to no effort.


Our innovative authoring capabilities allow you to incorporate conversation templates while answering product questions quickly, efficiently and correctly to move the buyer along the user journey.

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Webchat screenshot

Web Chat

Botco.ai can be seamlessly added to your existing website to allow users to ask questions, book appointments and learn more information about your products. Plus, you don’t need a live staff 24/7 to handle questions! Our technology answers them for you in a conversational, fluid approach.


You can easily incorporate Botco.ai into your existing Facebook Messenger business account, allowing your audience to ask questions and receive answers within seconds.

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As users continue to ask questions, your Botco.ai conversational AI learns and makes its own improvements. Botco.ai is trained to continue to learn how to respond to questions as they are asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you find soon-to-be customers asking the same questions over and over again? Your Botco.ai conversational agent can be trained to answer common questions tailored to your brand, including: “Which product is best for me?” and “How do I make an appointment?” Botco.ai works hard so your team members can focus on the important tasks at hand.

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Know exactly what your user base is experiencing with live data on the Botco.ai dashboard, an integrated “catch-all” where you can manage everything for your bot – including authoring and training. From conversation transcripts and conversions to intents and re-engagement statistics, everything you will need to manage your bot is in the Botco.ai dashboard.

Ever-Expanding Functionality

Botco.ai works with a large variety of third-party widgets and add-ons, like Yext, a digital listing management software. Working together, Yext and Botco.ai answer customer questions like “Where is your closest location?” quickly and cost-efficiently. As third-party add-on’s continue to work with Botco.ai, your bot will continue to learn and grow outside of its standard cap abilities. Contact us to learn how we can help you with specific integration needs.

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Startups and Fortune 500 companies alike all benefit from Botco.ai’s innovative Technology. Learn about the variety of packages we offer every size of business.


$0 /month

One seat of authoring

One intelligent chat nurture template

Deploy to one platform (one deployment)

500 messages/month


$1,990 /month

Five seats of authoring

Up to 5 intelligent chat nurture templates

Deploy to two platforms

2,500 messages/month

Reporting included

AI training included


$3,500 /month

Up to 10 seats of authoring

All available intelligent chat templates

Deploy to all platforms

10,000 messages/month

Reporting included

AI training included

$0 /month

One seat of authoring

One intelligent chat nurture template

Deploy to one platform

500 messages/month