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STChealth Uses Intelligent Chat to Respond to COVID-19

Employees wearing masks

Return-to-Work Program launched by STChealth uses Intelligent Chat to promote workplace safety and respond to COVID-19.’s industry-leading Intelligent Chat Technology answers questions regarding STChealth’s instant COVID-19 resources and contact tracing information.

Intelligent Chat in a Time of Crisis

woman in a store front wearing a mask

Marketing expert and co-founder and CEO, Rebecca Clyde, discusses why reshaping marketing strategies and brand voice is crucial to stay relevant during the pandemic.

Enterprise Chatbots: 5 Use Cases

Person talking to chatbot on iPhone

If you are over 40, you probably remember a time when business was entirely conversational. In the “olden days” before 1994, businesses interacted with customers almost entirely through in-person meetings or over the phone.

5 Ways to Use Social as a Startup

Man with bicycle leaning against a wall

Whether you have an early stage startup or an established business that is humming along, social media can be critical to helping you build your brand and generate growth.