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The Power of Intelligent Chat in Healthcare

Webinar The Power of Intelligent Chat in the Healthcare Industry

Learn how your medical practice could use automation to drive cost-savings, patient acquisition, and retention. Listen to CEO & co-founder, Rebecca Clyde, discuss the power of intelligent chat nurturing in the healthcare industry with Victoria Gleichman from Rexpay, a digitized solution for medical billing. 

Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast with CEO Rebecca Clyde

CEO Rebecca Clyde at Fuel Conference at Belgium

Botco.Ai co-founder and CEO, Rebecca Clyde, sat down with Guy Nadivi from the Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast to discuss the do’s and don’ts of creating an intelligent chat agent and why AI is crucial to empower customers with an always-on channel for self-service, and a way for them to interface with the organization.

The Power of Images to Drive Conversation

Man using Botco on his phone to schedule massage appointment

Remember when you received that text message from your friend – ‘K.’ Seemed rude, right? But then along comes a smiley face. Now, your feelings about the text are transformed. All because of an emoji.